Naira Ali

Naira Ali Reveals Her First Paycheck As Old Women Caretaker Wowed Her

Singer Naira Ali has recently shared that she was amazed by her first Paycheck as an old women’s attendant. A few years ago, Naira Ali made the decision to move to the US in search of better opportunities.

She discloses that her sister played a crucial role in preparing her for this new chapter in her life. She advised her to set aside her stardom in Uganda and focus on building a better future through hard work.

As a result, Naira Ali underwent a transformation, with her long fingernails being cut short and her hair being unplaited, adopting a more humble appearance.

She then began her duties, which involved taking care of an elderly woman. Her responsibilities included bathing the woman and ensuring her safety, as she was quite frail.

Naira Ali

Naira Ali admits that the work was extremely demanding, and she almost considered giving up. However, after three weeks of dedicated service, she received her first Paycheck amounting to 3000 dollars, equivalent to 10 million Ugandan shillings.

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This unexpected reward served as a great motivation for her to work even harder and develop a genuine love for her job.


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