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Nandor Love Unhappy With Big Eye Starboss For Not Crediting Her After Writing “Mikono Ju”

Budding singer and songwriter Nandor Love born Nantume Dorcus Tendo has expressed her dissatisfaction with Big Eye Starboss during a recent interview on NRG Radio over not crediting her for her contribution to his song “Mikono Ju.”

According to Nandor Love, she poured her heart and soul into the creation of the song “Mikono Ju” for Big Eye.

However, her excitement and anticipation turned into disappointment and frustration when Big Eye failed to acknowledge her contribution.

Nandor Love claims that while taking part in an interview, Big Eye was specifically asked about the person behind the lyrics of “Mikono Ju.”

Instead of giving credit where it was due, he credited one of his team members, completely disregarding Nandor Love’s involvement.

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She further points out that her creativity and talent were evident in every line, and she feels that Big Eye utilized and benefited from her artistic input without giving her the acknowledgement she rightfully deserves.

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This experience has made Nandor Love reconsider her future partnerships. She now questions whether other musicians will value and respect her contributions or if they will also overlook her hard work.

@nrgradiouganda Musician and songwriter @nandor_love isn’t happy with @bigeyestarboss for not giving her the flowers she deserves #NRGRadioUG #NRGCircleUG ♬ original sound – NRG Radio Uganda


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