Netizens frustrated as internet disruption skyrockets following sea data cable fail

For several days now, internet users in East Africa have faced challenges in using the service.

Reports suggest that about 10:30 hours EST on 12 May 2024, the internet quality in the East African hinterland was degraded, sabotaging the services of over 80 million users.

This saw either slow or intermittent in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan as many ISPs reported difficulties.

A significant number of ISPs in the region, mostly telecommunication companies, depend on the upstream bulk sea cable haulers of inteernet traffic to the region.


These cable services among others, include EASSY and SEACOM that are relied upon to connect millions to the global internett traffic.

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The cause of the cut is not yet confirmed, however service providers are working diligently to restore the services.


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