Nina Roz, Daddy Andre

Nina Roz, Daddy Andre Hit The Recording Booth After Working Out Their Indifferences

Singers Nina Roz and Daddy Andre have hit the studio after working out their indifferences.

For a while now, Nina Roz and Daddy Andre have been at odds following their relationship which was legalised with a customary Kukyala ceremony hit a dead end.

While taking part in several media interviews, Nina Roz attributed her romantic relationship failure with Daddy Andry to a variety of factors, including flaunting it in the media.

However, based on the most recent development, the pair has managed to iron out their indifferences and are currently working on a new music project together.

One of the video clips making rounds on social media depicts the pair on set, seemingly shooting a music video for their impending project.

Daddy Andre, Nina Roz

In a different scene, Daddy Andre and Nina can be seen getting along well and appearing to enjoy each other’s company.

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According to sources close to the two singers, they’ve always been rubbing shoulders, despite not sharing the interactions on social media.


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