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Nince Henry Drops Colourful Visuals of “Genda Genda” Song | VIDEO

Kama Ivan signee Nince Henry real name Sekyanzi Ninsiima has added colourful visuals to his new song dubbed “Genda Genda.”

Ever since he broke onto the Ugandan musical scene, Nince captured the airwaves with a number of his all-time blockbusters.

Renowned for his appealing lyrics, Nince Henry won the “Women’s Sweetheart” title. Adding to his broad music catalogue, the self-proclaimed Callinan has added “Genda Genda” which can be loosely translated to mean “Go Go”

In his latest addition, Nince Henry’s “Genda Genda” is a love-related song, albeit depicts the disappointment that comes with romantic relationships.

In keeping with the current musical craze, Brian Beats’ “Genda Genda” production has a classic Afrobeat flavour and is lively.

Nince Henry

There is also cause for concern with the visuals. “Genda Genda” is one of those songs that can be watched without sound and the viewer will still get the song’s meaning.

The scenes, some of which were filmed in the living room and others in the bedroom, were anything but monotonous. The choreography is a quick fit into the scenes; it is neither exceptional nor custom.

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One realises that Nince Henry does more than just impress the ladies—he also gives his listeners relationship advice.

Have a look at the video below;


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