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No One Cares What the Homosexuals are Doing, Fix the Infrastructure – Solomon Kampala to the Government

Bobi Wine and Barbie Itungo’s elder son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi has called out the government to fix the infrastructure rather than wasting time on homosexuals.

The issue of homosexuality has been debated in the nation for some time, with some citizens embracing it while others oppose it.

This saw the Parliament of Uganda pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 which will see anyone engaging in acts of homosexuality facing 20 years in jail.

The Bill if assented to by the President also proposes a death penalty for anyone engaging in aggravated homosexuality.

Solomon Kampala

The Bill that was passed by Parliament on Tuesday, 21 March 2023, now awaits Presidential assent into law.

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Solomon Kampala, though, believes that the nation should focus on matters that directly affect its citizens rather than wasting time debating homosexuality.

Nobody cares about what homosexuals are doing, fix the roads, fix the hospitals, fix the schools for God’s sake.

Solomon Kampala

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