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Nobert Events Accuses Alien Skin and His Friend of Fracturing His Neck

Events Promoter Nobert Events born Norbert Twizire has resurfaced with a seemingly fractured neck following a scuffle with singer Alien Skin.

In the course of this Alien Week Alien Skin was embroiled in a physical brawl with events promoter Nobert Events at Mesach Semakula’s Papa’s Spot restaurant in Makindye.

Based on the video which raised dust on social media, Nobert is depicted standing up and pushing Alien Skin with a clear intention of fighting, before being grabbed by the neck by one of the Fangone star’s colleagues.

The altercation was cut short by onlookers, who implored both parties to cut the slack and each went their separate ways.

While addressing the press following the scuffle, Nobat revealed that he will make sure Alien Skin is apprehended and disciplined by the long arm of the law.

During Jose Chameleone’s graduation ceremony yesterday, Nobert showed up wearing a neck brace and appeared to be unwell.

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Nobert explained that Alien Skin’s friend, grabbed him by the neck during the altercation recently, leaving him severely injured.

The promoter noted that he is currently under medical supervision, and is certain that soon he will be fine.


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