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Nobert Events Advocates for the Banning of TikTok in Uganda to Tame Alien Skin

Events promoter Nobert Events real name Nobert Twizire has revealed that he is advocating for the banning of TikTok in Uganda as the only way to tame Alien Skin.

A number of talents have been unearthed since the establishment of TikTok a China-rooted video-sharing platform.

Tom Dee, Vyroota, Kid Dee, and Alien Skin among others are some of the musicians whose names are seated on the list of promising musicians in the music industry thanks to TikTok.

However, Nobert Events that the launch of TikTok in Uganda has had a detrimental influence on TV viewership.

On the other hand, Nobert thinks that the majority of singer Alien Skin’s fans are TikTok users, which has given him a false sense of confidence to start disrespecting fellow musicians and promoters.

Nobert Events

The aforementioned factors are the main justifications given by Nobert Events for why TikTok should cease operating in Uganda.

It should be remembered that India was the first country to ban TikTok–and other Chinese apps–on all of its devices.

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Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, the European Union and Scotland as well have bans surrounding the use of TikTok on state devices.



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