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Not Even Jail Can Stop Me from Using Toxic Substances- Ronald Alimpa

Fast-rising singer Ronald Alimpa is not shy about using toxic substances going by his most recent revelation.

For a while now, Alimpa’s use of intoxicating substances has been the topic of conversation on social media.

Critics suggested that the singer and his crew members’ drug use may have contributed to the accident, which resulted in two fatalities and numerous serious injuries.

Similarly to this, Alimpa recently called his mother derogatory after she refused to let his close friends supply him with intoxicating substances while he was hospitalized.

Ronald Alimpa

Despite the negative consequences the singer is facing, Alimpa appears unconcerned and is not showing regret for using drugs based on the information the singer revealed in an interview yesterday.

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Alimpa admitted that he doesn’t regret turning to drug use before assuring his detractors that he will still have access to it while incarcerated at Luzira Prison.

Regarding the matter of insulting his mother, Alimpa insisted that because she was also ill, his mother had no important responsibilities at the hospital.


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