Etania Mutoni

Etania Mutoni still an NRG Radio Uganda employee, the station refutes rumors of her contract revocation

NRG Radio Uganda has refuted rumors suggesting that Etania Mutoni’s working contract was revoked due to her indiscipline character.

A few days back a document surfaced on social media depicting how Etania Mutoni had been fired from NRG Radio Uganda.

The document since caused mixed reactions on social media since it had stringent restrictions imposed on Etania Mutoni following her alleged sacking from the station.

However, NRG Radio has swiftly addressed the matter, deeming the reports false and baseless.


In a press statement issued, NRG revealed how exceptional Etania is, highlighting how she embodies the ethos of the station’s brand and always exceeds their expectations.

NRG expressed commitment to having Etania execute her duties at the station, expected to resume after her Nairobi tour.

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Two days ago, a doctored letter surfaced online claiming NRG Radio fired Etania. Please be advised, this information is false and in no way reflects how we value our talent. Etania is an exceptional person who embodies the ethos of our brand and always exceeds our expectations. We are committed to having her lead the next generation of NRGETIC talent as a driving force of our #BEASTMVPS campaign We don’t fire talent; we get fired up for the next generation of stars.
Etania is here to stay and she will always go #BEASTMODE.


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