Nsimbi shares captivating “Esuubi” visuals, watch here


Nsimbi, a cross-cultural duo consisting of Ugandan hip-hop pioneer GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar have released their much-awaited video for their song, “Esuubi” off the Infinity EP.

“Esuubi” is a song about hope, community, and the Ubuntu spirit. In “Esuubi” Nsimbi reminds us to share, connect and listen to each other.

“When we lose our inner fire, we fall. In the depths of desperation, scarcity and depression, many lose their joy and it is up to us as a community to uplift them through connection, pouring love into their cup, sharing our spark, raising their vibration and restoring hope, esuubi,” Nsimbi says.

The song was written by Miriam & Ernest Nsimbi (GNL Zamba) during the pandemic to uplift the spirits & vibration. We see the effects of the lost business, family and resources.

The second music video off the Infinity EP, “Esuubi”, meaning “hope” in Luganda, is an expression of community strength, resilience and it encourages open dialogue in conversation so others don’t suffer alone. It reminds us that together as humanity, we can be each other’s therapy and source of hope, especially in times when it feels like a hopeless drought.

Visually “Esuubi” incorporates the colors blue, yellow, and red to represent the throat, solar plexus, and root chakras respectively which are most elemental to keep our hope alive.

Nsimbi wear blue to vocally spread the message of hope contagiously through the lyrics:

“Share with me your troubles

I will be your rainbow

Show you you’re lovable

Together we’re invincible

We are high, we will fly

Everywhere we go

Everywhere we go

Tumble down, We are found

Everywhere we go

Everywhere we go

Esanyu liliwa nange nguleko

Nguleko nguleko

Enyumba ziliwa nze negameko

Negameko negameko

Mpaku love yo nange nsekeko

Nsekeko nsekeko

Ssuubbi lyenesigamyeko

Lyenesigamyeko lyenesigamyeko

Essuubi lyenesigamyeko

Lyenesigamyeko lyenesigamyeko

Essuubi lyenesigamyeko

Lyenesigamyeko lyenesigamyeko

Essuubi “

The scene cuts to Miriam clad in yellow with flower dancers, representing the solar plexus chakra of inner will motivating everyone from another dimension to let the vibrations of “Esuubi” be felt instinctually. Many of the villagers wear red to represent the root chakra, connecting to our basic human needs, connection to our home and survival instincts. When all of our chakras align, we reach our highest potential and transcend time to become infinite.

“Esuubi’ is part of a short film which is a visual album for the Infinity EP, produced by Nsimbi / Swahili Nation. The Infinity EP short film was shot by Pest of Gratemake Films, choreographed by Lillian Maxmillan Nabaggala, set design and styling by Hannah Mugenyi, costumes by Abbas Kaijuka.

Nsimbi is on a mission to create positive, uplifting art through a celebration of Ugandan / East African sounds on Infinity EP-recorded, mixed & mastered in East Africa.

All Infinity EP tracks were recorded at African Bureau of Music and produced by Kusseim. Mixing and mastering were done by Theweezy. All songs were written and performed by Miriam & Ernest Nsimbi.

NSIMBI is a Ugandan – American international award-winning duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop pioneer GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar. Building on the acoustic sounds and indigenous instruments of Africa, NSIMBI blends contemporary elements of “Lugaflow” hip-hop and spoken word with English/Western songwriting and vocals to merge the traditional with the modern.

Watch it;


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