Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo

NTV Journalist Sandra Twinoburyo Narrates Her Sexual Assault Ordeal

NTV journalist Sandra Twinoburyo has narrated how she survived being sexually assaulted in Istanbul – Turkey.

On Wednesday this week, Sandra Twinoburyo revealed on Twitter that after a trip to Berlin, she lost her passport as she was transiting through Istanbul.

She continued by saying up to now she strongly believe a stranger with ulterior motives had deliberately made off with her passport.

Later, an airport official was assigned to the news anchor to assist her with the process of getting her passport back.

Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo

Sandra Twinoburyo recalls the official groping her improperly in the elevator, much to her dismay.

She struggled for help, but no one seemed to care as they kept pushing her back and forth.

I will never forget this man’s face. I only wish I had taken his picture but I was too scared to. Partly reads Sandrah’s Tweet.

After a wonderful trip in Berlin, I lost my passport as I was transiting through Istanbul, I still strongly believe someone intentionally took it from me, I was almost sexually assaulted by an officer who had offered to assist me tried to touch me inappropriately in an elevator.

I will never forget this man’s face. I only wish I had taken his picture but I was too scared to, I struggled to get help but everyone seemed to push me back and forth, I don’t know about you but I would to hear your worst travel experiences.


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