Nubian Li, Mutoni

Nubian Li And Wife Gloria Mutoni Salha Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary

On October 11 annually, Firebase singer Nubian Li and his wife Salha Mutoni adorn their finest attires and radiate with love and happiness as they celebrate the milestone of their matrimony anniversary.

On the aforementioned date in 2021, the air was filled with an aura of joy and excitement, as family and friends gathered to honour the couple’s unwavering commitment and the beautiful journey they embarked upon together.

The couple, who have three children together, continue to solidify their bond through unparalleled love and dedication and eagerly anticipate maintaining this trajectory indefinitely.

In spite of their relentless pursuit of political ambitions within their political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP), the renowned singer and his spouse managed to carve out time from their hectic schedules to celebrate the significant milestone they have reached in their marital journey.

Utilizing her Facebook account, Mutoni eloquently characterized their love story as an enchanting woodland, full of mystery and wonder.

Furthermore, she conveyed her heartfelt appreciation for the countless years they have spent delving into its depths together while extending warm wishes to her beloved husband on their anniversary.

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Our love story is like a beautiful forest, full of mystery and wonder. here’s to many more years of exploring it together. HAPPY UNNIVERSARY.


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