Omulangira Ndausi, Faridah Ndausi

Omulangira Ndausi Regrets Marrying at a Young Age, Warns Others Against the Same Mistake

Radio personality Omulangira Omulangira Ndausi deeply regrets his decision to marry at a young age and now offers valuable advice to young individuals, urging them to avoid making the same mistake.

Ndausi, also known as Simon Peter Ndawuula, candidly shared his regrets regarding his marriage to Faridah Ndausi, revealing that their relationship eventually reached an impasse, leading them to pursue co-parenting instead.

The aftermath of their breakup left Ndausi heartbroken, and it took him a considerable amount of time, approximately 6 to 7 years, to heal from the emotional wounds.

Omulangira Ndausi revealed that Despite their separation, Faridah still holds immense respect for him. He noted that whenever they cross paths, she humbly kneels and greets him, showcasing her high regard for him.

Interestingly, Ndausi disclosed that Faridah has chosen to retain his name even after their parting ways, as she believes it brings her certain advantages in terms of public recognition and popularity.

Omulangira Ndausi

Reflecting on his own experience, Ndausi acknowledges that he rushed into the commitment without fully considering the consequences, and unfortunately, there is no way to undo it now.

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Ndausi took the opportunity to impart wisdom to young individuals, advising them against hastily entering into marriages. He emphasizes the importance of taking ample time to choose a life partner, as this decision will shape the course of their lives indefinitely.


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