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“One Bebe Cool Phone Call Landed Me a Job at NTV” Douglas Lwanga Recounts

TV personality and Purple Party proprietor Douglas Lwanga reveal how Bebe Cool made one phone call that landed him his former job at NTV.

In 2008, Douglas Lwanga got a job at the now-defunct Record TV where he hosted the entertainment show dubbed “Katogo” which ran from Monday to Friday.

However, in 2012, Douglas put down his working tools, after four years of working with the media outlet. In a candid interview with vlogger Cristo Newman, the former revealed that at that time, he was uncertain about his future as a TV host.

Lwanga notes that Bebe Cool was concerned about him quitting Record TV and despite the two not being close friends, the latter set out to find him a new workplace.

The NBS After5 show host adds that even though several media outlets wanted to hire him, Bebe Cool advised him to not settle for less claiming he had toiled to get where he was.

Douglas Lwanga, Bebe Cool

He further stresses that at that moment, Bebe Cool rang a top-notch official at NTV, scheduled an appointment with her, explained why he quit his former role at Record and she consented to give him a job if he came with his own TV show concept.

Furthermore, Douglas Lwanga explains it didn’t take him long to unveil his concept, the boss liked it and the rest is history.

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It should be remembered that Douglas Lwanga was hosting NTV The Beat show before he threw in the towel and opted for greener pastures at the Naguru-based NBS TV where he currently hosts NBS After5.

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