Opa Fambo

Opa Fambo Beaten Like a Chicken Thief After Being Found Necked in a Married Woman’s House | VIDEO

The incident involving dancehall singer Lule Hafuzalu alias Opa Fambo took a violent turn when he was discovered in the residence of a married woman.

Exclusive Bizz obtained exclusive videos that show the singer being confronted and physically assaulted by individuals who were outraged by his presence in a house that did not belong to him.

The footage captures the intense moments as the accusers demand an explanation from Opa Fambo, who tries to shield his face from the camera but is unable to escape recognition.

The singer, partially unclothed during the incident, now faces the consequences of his actions as the videos have gone viral, causing a public uproar.

People are demanding answers and justice for the married woman involved, whose identity remains unknown at this time. The alleged spouse of the woman has also not been identified.

Opa Fambo

As the story continues to unfold, Exclusive Bizz promises to provide updates and more details as they emerge.

The incident has sparked a heated debate about infidelity, privacy, and the consequences of one’s actions, particularly in the public eye.

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Opa Fambo’s career and personal life are now at stake as he faces the aftermath of this severe beating and the potential legal repercussions that may follow.

Have a look at the video below;


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