NEWSPallaso Apologizes to Alien Skin, Extends a Music Collaboration | AUDIO

Pallaso Apologizes to Alien Skin, Extends a Music Collaboration | AUDIO

Team Good Music singer Pallaso swallowed his pride and apologized to fellow singer Alien Skin following what transpired yesterday.

On Monday evening, Alien Skin allegedly sabotaged Pallaso’s concert rehearsals at Voice and Beats in Makindye, sparking a fight between the two singers.

As the fight accelerated, veteran singer Chagga called the Uganda police who turned up immediately to restore peace.

Alien Skin was flung at the police patrol before he jumped off and disappeared into a neighbouring building hence escaping arrest.

When the Alien Skin ghetto gangs learned of the development, they expressed their displeasure in a number of social media videos, before storming Pallaso’s Makindye home in an effort to exact revenge.


This compelled Pallaso to ring Alien Skin, who he thought had sent the gangs in an effort to revenge on his behalf.

According to a phone recording making rounds on social media, Pallaso can be heard acknowledging that he disrespected Alien Skin and pleaded for forgiveness.

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Pallaso implored Alien Skin to tell his gangs to disperse from his Makindye house because there is no benefit to be had from their animosity.

The Malamu singer also emphasised that he is prepared to work with Alien Skin and extended an offer of music collaboration.


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