Pallaso and his Kids

Pallaso Gifts His Kids Maisha and Dinari Mayanja With Brand New iPhone 14 Pro Max Phones | VIDEO

Singer Pallaso has gifted his two kids Dinari Mayanja and Maisha Mayanja with brand-new iPhone 14 pro max phones.

A few days back, Pallaso reunited with his USA-based family after over seven years of being apart.

Since their reunion, Pallaso has been acting his role as a father, and in videos cited by Exclusive Bizz, the family could be seen inseparable as they enjoyed each other’s company.

In an effort to make the most of his children’s stay in Uganda, Pallaso surprised them all with brand-new iPhone series phones.

In the video that Pallaso shared via his Snapchat handle, he is seen unveiling the pricey gadgets to his kids, as he asks them whether they liked the rewards before handing each a brand-new boxed iPhone Pro Max.


In the background, Pallaso’s baby mama Nichole Hayman could be heard interjecting, threatening to take Maisha’s iPhone away and replace it with a $50 regular phone since she didn’t appear to appreciate her father’s thoughtful offer.

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Pallaso and his kids continue to have a good time together, and these are expected to grace his impending Love Fest Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

@exclusive_bizz Pallaso Gifts His Kids Dinari and Maisha Mayanja with brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max Phones. #pallaso #iphone14promax #exclusivebizz #foryou #capcut #fyp #viral #gift ♬ original sound – Exclusive_Bizz


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