Pallaso, Weasel Manizo

Pallaso unhappy that Ugandans celebrate late Mowzey Radio’s legacy neglecting Weasel Manizo

Weasel Manizo’s brother Pallaso has expressed his frustration regarding Ugandans’ act of celebrating the late Mowzey Radio as they neglect his former work partner.

While addressing the press recently, Pallaso was tasked to remark on his brother’s current state of seemingly being depressed, and constant use of intoxicating substances.

In response, Pallaso revealed that Weasel is going through a hard time following the death of his former working partner among other life challenges.

He went on to express frustration that Ugandans chose annually to commemorate Mowzey Radio’s legacy, while they shun Weasel Manizo’s contribution to the duo’s brand.

Pallaso, Weasel Manizo

Pallaso went on to urge the public to appreciate musicians’ contributions to the Uganda music industry, rather than waiting until their demise.

He went on to console Weasel that despite the challenges he is currently encountering, he shouldn’t lose hope.

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Furthermore, the Team Good Music singer criticized the Uganda government for its failure to implement the copyright law, which is why musicians earn minimal or no income from their crafts.


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