Pastor Bugingo, Susan Makula

Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula’s Country Home Sets Netizens’ Tongues Wagging

House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor Aloysius Buggingo and his lover Susan Makula’s country home has set netizens’ tongues wagging.

On Thursday this week, Pastor Buggingo and Susan Makula flaunted their yet-to-be-finished country home in Namyumba.

Speaking in an interview with media personality Kasuku, Susan Makula revealed that it was her idea to establish their country home far away from the city.

She stressed that Pastor Bugingo initially surveyed the location, to which she was introduced and they both agreed to establish their country home in 2017.

Pastor Bugingo, Susan Makula

The couple disclosed in the same interview that Susan Makula is responsible for all interior design work on their eight-bedroom property, which is still being furnished.

However, the development has since raised dust on social media, with some users claiming that Pastor Buggingo swindles church funds for his personal gains.

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Some, on the other hand, have maintained that because Pastor Bugingo is involved in other profitable endeavors, it should come as no surprise that he has reached this significant milestone.

Have a look at the country house below.



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