PAstor Martin Sempa, Pastor Bugingo,

Pastor Martin Ssempa Reveals He Lives in Fear Following Pr. Bugingo’s Failed Assassination Attempt

City Pastor Martin Ssempa has disclosed that he is living in fear following the failed assassination attempt on Pastor Bugingo.

Just a few days ago, Pastor Bugingo narrowly escaped an ambush by unknown assailants, sustaining minor bullet injuries and tragically losing a colleague in the process.

This shocking incident has deeply affected Ugandans, including Pastor Ssempa. During an interview, Pastor Ssempa revealed that a day after the attack, he did not return home out of fear for his safety.

He has now adopted a cautious lifestyle to protect himself from any potential harm.

PAstor Martin Sempa,

Pastor Ssempa believes that the attack on Pastor Bugingo stems from the numerous grudges he holds against various individuals, including fellow pastors and politicians.

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In light of this, he extended his condolences to Richard’s family, the colleague who lost his life during the attack.

Furthermore, Pastor Ssempa made a plea to President Museveni, requesting enhanced security measures to ensure his safety.


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