Pastor Twina Herbert

Pastor Twina Herbert Reveals Watoto Church’s Milk And Bread Inspired Him to Start Attending Church

Renowned pastor and gospel singer Twina Herbert has recently shared his journey of transformation into a born-again Christian.

According to Twina Herbert, he explained that his decision to become a born-again Christian was not a sudden revelation, but rather a gradual process influenced by the circumstances he faced.

During his school days, Pastor Twina Herbert experienced the harsh reality of not having a meal card to eat lunch at school.

He hence chose to attend lunch hour prayers, a decision which not only provided him with spiritual nourishment but also allowed him to avoid the embarrassment of appearing hungry.

Another significant incident occurred when one of Pastor Twina Herbert’s neighbours informed him about the provision of milk and bread at overnight events held at Watoto Church.

Pastor Twina Herbert

In search of a meal, he started attending church regularly, little did he know that this decision would have a profound impact on his life.

As he continued attending the services, he began to experience a genuine desire to serve the Lord and deepen his relationship with Him.

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Over time, Pastor Twina Herbert’s faith grew stronger, and he felt a calling to minister the word of the Lord. He dedicated his life to spreading the gospel and using his gift of singing to touch the hearts of others.


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