Patricia Sitya Loss

Patricia Sitya Loss gearing up to pursue journalism media and mass communication in the US

Renowned ghetto kids member Patricia Sitya Loss Nabakooza has revealed she is gearing up to pursue journalism media and mass communication in the USA.

Patricia Sitya Loss was among the thousands of students who finalized their UACE level of education in 2022.

Ever since Patricia has been looking forward to pursuing a higher level of education to gain specialized skills in her field of expertise

While speaking in an interview, Patricia revealed that she intends to study journalism media, and mass communication in the United States of America.

Patricia Sitya Loss Nabakooza

She revealed that her semester commences in August this year, hence she will be joining the institution thirty days before her studies start.

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Patricia maintained that after finalizing her studies, she has a lot of ideas to address, to make a positive change in the global news landscape, and to bring the best out of her.

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