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Victor Ruz’s Setback: Leaked Videos with Patricia Sityaloss Impact Revealed

Singer Victor Ruz born Wajja Victor has shared how the leaked videos while kissing dancer Patricia Sityaloss caused him a set back.

The leaked videos caused a stir on social media, when Victor Ruz’s phone was stolen by identified individuals, who accessed and shared personal content on different social media platforms.

While appearingnig in an interview with Spark TV, the singer revealed the saga caused a setback to him and his music career, which forced him to take a break from the public eye inorder to regain his strength.

He, however, made it known that he is still dedicated to his craft, before urging his loyal fan base to continue supporting him by listening to his music.

Victor Ruz,

ALSO READ: Patricia Sitya Loss’ reaction to her leaked videos with Victor Ruz

In a recent interview, Patricia Sityaloss criticized the people behind the unauthorised disemination of the videos on social media, asserting that they have considered the repercussions the victims would endure as a result of their actions.


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