Phina Mugerwa

Phina Mugerwa Holds Introduction Ceremony With Her Zungu Partner

Singer and dancer Josephine Mugerwa commonly known as Phina Mugerwa has introduced the love of her life to her parents.

The development comes following the devastating news of Phina Mugerwa losing her son Kalumba Frank who was laid to rest thereafter.

A few weeks later, Phina Mugerwa held a highly concealed introduction ceremony, that was open to a few invited close friends and family.

Phina Mugerwa is pictured in a leaked photo that is going viral on social media firmly clutching her white man in the company of veteran singers Annet Nandujja and Mariam Ndagire.

However, Phina’s introduction has elicited divergent reactions among internet users, with some questioning why she held an introduction at a time when she had just lost her son.

Others, on the other hand, surmise that the singer may have had arrangements for the introduction before the son passed away and that there was no time to reschedule the event.

Phina Mugerwa

About Phina Mugerwa’s Love Life¬†

It is important to keep in mind that Phina Mugerwa was initially married to Kenneth Muyisa, a South African man, with whom she had a son Sandton Muyisa.

The pair’s marriage, however, hit a dead end, when Kenneth Muyisa started dating the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu.

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The fact that Cindy Sanyu broke up Phina’s marriage caused a significant rift between the two artists, but they later patched things up and are now close friends and hold prominent positions in UMA.


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