Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds criticizes men exploiting women in the music industry before helping them

Singer Pia Pounds has voiced her frustration regarding the exploitation of women in the music industry by men who only offer assistance after taking advantage of them.

Pia’s revelation sheds light on a deeply troubling reality within the industry, where aspiring musicians are often deceived into believing that their dreams will be financed and supported by certain men.

However, instead of receiving the promised assistance, they find themselves being taken advantage of, impregnated and ultimately abandoned.

This heartbreaking cycle often leads to the downfall of their music aspirations and leaves them feeling betrayed and devastated.

What makes Pia’s statement even more alarming is her assertion that hardly any female musician has escaped this ordeal before achieving success in their careers.

Pia Pounds

Additionally, Pia mentioned that her intention of establishing a music label was primarily to aid female musicians who have been mistreated and abandoned by men in the industry.

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She intended to create a safe space where these talented women can find the support and resources they need to pursue their dreams without fear of exploitation.

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