Fik Gaza

Police Dispel Reports of Fik Gaza’s Arrest, Confirm Having Into Custody 10 of His Men Over Theft

The Uganda Police have recently addressed the controversy surrounding the arrest of singer Fik Gaza, a popular singer in the country.

Police clarified that Fik Gaza himself has not been taken into custody. However, it has been revealed that a group of individuals associated with the singer have for a while been involved in a series of theft incidents in the Munyonyo area.

After receiving multiple complaints from victims, the Kibuye Police launched a thorough investigation into the matter.

As a result, ten of Fik Gaza’s associates were apprehended in connection to the crimes. These individuals have been taken to the Kibuye Police Station for questioning and are expected to face legal action for their involvement in the thefts.

Fik Gaza

The police have taken this opportunity to issue a warning to musicians and other public figures, advising them to stay away from criminal activities.

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They emphasized that musicians ought to protect their reputations and urged individuals in the entertainment industry to maintain a clean record and be responsible citizens.


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