Precious Remmie

Precious Remmie Fulfils Her Promise, Hosts Her Show with no Wig and Makeup Following Argentina Winning the FIFA World Cup

The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, the first to be held in the Arab world, came to a close over the weekend.

In the illustrious tournament’s championship match, France and Argentina locked horns, and the latter emerged victorious in the penalty shootouts.

Following Argentina raising the 2022 world cup, folks globally lost their bets including renowned TV personality Rehma Nakitto alias Precious Remmie.

During the “Sanyu Morning Xpress” show a week back, Precious Remmie placed a wager against her co-host Brian Wakko that if Argentina wins the 2022 FIFA world cup, she would feature at the show without her wig and makeup.

However, it looks like the odds weren’t in Remmie’s favor, as Argentina bagged the prestigious FIFA world cup.

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Precious Remmie showed up on set earlier today looking unkempt, without makeup, and wearing crocks as a sign of her commitment to keeping her word.

Have a look at the video below.


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