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Precious Remmie Has no Kind Words for Muslim Critics Who Claimed She Entered a Mosque with Shoes

Precious Remmie has come out and shed light on allegations that she entered a mosque with her shoes while she had visited a school in Kigoogwa.

Earlier today, Remmie has been the topic of discussion within the Muslim fraternity, following allegations that the presenter entered a mosque while wearing her shoes.

The development saw Muslim critics take to social media to express their frustration and demand an apology from Remmie.

However, Remmie has come forward to refute the accusations, claiming that she merely stopped at the entrance where the shoes are left.

Precious Remmie

She added that she was about to take off her shoes, but the teachers and Sheikhs permitted her to stand at the doorway with her shoes on.

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The visibly furious NBS and Sanyuka Tv presenter went on to urge the self-styled social media sheikhs that going forward, they ought to advise people privately, rather than ranting and spitting obscenities on social media.

Remmie said that instead of berating and criticizing one another, everyone should strive to fulfil their obligations as Muslims.


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