Precious Remmie

Muslim Critics Want Precious Remmie to Apologize Over Allegedly Entering a Mosque With Shoes

Next Media presenter Precious Remmie real name Remma Nakitto is on the spot over allegedly entering the mosque with shoes.

In the Muslim faith, no shoes are allowed in mosques indoors, as the shoes’ soles are seen as dirty and unsanitary.

However, earlier today, Remmie allegedly went against Muslim norms and customs, when she allegedly entered a mosque with her sneakers.

The development occurred at Alwahida School in Kigoogwa, where Remmie had apparently gone to reach out during the holy Ramadan month.

Precious Remmie

Remmie’s action was deemed unethical by several Muslim critics, who took to social media to express their frustration.

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The furious critics have gone ahead to demand that Remmie should come public and issue an apology following going against Muslim beliefs.




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