Precious Remmie

Precious Remmie Rules Out Mother’s Death Rumors, Says She is Still on Oxygen

Actress and Sanyuka TV host Remmah Nakitto alias Precious Remmie has ruled out rumours of her mother’s death.

Recently Precious Remmie’s mother was hospitalised at Mulago Hospital after suffering a respiratory attack.

After spending several days in the hospital, doctors pronounced her dead at night, before the unfortunate news circulated like wildfire on several radios, TVs and social media.

Funeral arrangements were since initiated, and a vigil was launched at the late’s home as they awaited the body in the morning.

Fortunately, when Precious Remmie and other family members went to pick up the body and the postmortem in the morning, they were notified that she was still alive and needed something to eat.

Precious Remmie

Remmie attributed the false information to the medical professionals, who typically declare patients dead shortly after their pulses stop beating in order to give away their hospital beds.

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Precious Remmie made it known that although her mother is still on the breathing support machine, she is still alive and certain that soon she will be able to stand again.


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