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Precious Remmie shares challenges faced during her pregnancy journey

Actress and media personality Precious Remmie has shared the difficulties she has faced during her pregnancy.

Precious Remmie and her husband Raymond Bindeeba are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child together.

During a recent episode of her TV show, Precious Remmie candidly discussed the numerous challenges she has encountered throughout her pregnancy journey, which have taken a toll on her well-being.

One of the challenges she mentioned was the change in her physical appearance, such as her skin becoming darker and her nose growing bigger.

Despite her husband’s thoughtful gesture of purchasing an expensive body cream to improve her skin, it unfortunately did not produce the desired results.

Precious Remmie

Additionally, she expressed her dislike for visiting the salon to try out new hairstyles.

As a result, Remmie resorted to wearing a veil to conceal her unplaited hair and maintain her privacy from the viewers of her show, in order to avoid any potential criticism.

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Nevertheless, she remains optimistic that once she gives birth, she will be able to regain her beauty and feel more confident.


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