Precious Remmie, Raymond Bindeeba

Precious Remmie Tears Up While Addressing Criticism of Inability Conceive a Baby With Husband | VIDEO

TV personality and actress Precious Remmie this morning broke down in tears as she addressed criticism of failing to give birth for her husband Raymond Bindeeba.

It has been two years since Precious Remmie and her husband Raymond Bindeeba legalized their marriage in a colourful customary “Kukyala” ceremony.

Remmie’s failure to conceive and expand her household with Bindeeba has proven to be a disappointment to critics, who had anticipated such developments following the legalization of their marriage.

While addressing the press earlier today ahead of her movie premier “From Hurt to Healing”, Remmie delved into the topic and revealed that her inability to conceive is not by choice.

With her voice trembling with emotion, Precious Remmie revealed that the weight of the criticism she had faced regarding her inability to conceive a child with her beloved husband, Raymond Bindeeba, had become too heavy for her to bear.

Precious Remmie

She stated that a woman cannot be lawfully married to her spouse and simultaneously decline to bear children. Additionally, Remmie mentioned that the majority of negative remarks received were from fellow women, and prayed for divine retribution towards those individuals for their actions.

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Remmie further disclosed that she does not possess the divine powers to predict the exact time of her giving birth, before expressing her distress over the unfavourable comments directed towards her.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Remmie made it known that she is confident that her prayers will be answered and that she will be blessed with a child anytime soon.


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