Queen Kaftah

Pretty Nicole’s Tormentor Queen Kaftah Released From Prison

Pretty Nicole’s tormentor, a Trinity College Nabweru student Queen Kaftah has been released from prison where she spent a couple of months.

Queen Kaftah 18 years, had been jailed for three years in light of being found guilty of aggravated torture on 15-year-old Pretty Nicole.

The court made the decision following a viral clip that depicted Queen Kaftah and her colleagues beating up Pretty Nicole on 9th January 2023 over allegedly snatching her boyfriend.

Queen Kaftah filed an appeal against the sentence, arguing that it was both considerate and harsh and that the trial had committed legal and factual errors by convicting her without providing adequate legal counsel, which resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

On Friday 21st July 2023, Hon. Lady Justice Margaret Mutonyi of the Kampala High Court passed a final verdict nullifying the Kira Court Chief Magistrate Roseline Nsenge’s judgement citing that whereas the appellant pleaded guilty, to the charge, there was no need for the prosecution to summon witness to prove any charges against her.

Queen Kaftah

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Additionally, Hon. Lady Justice Margaret Mutonyi noted that the chief magistrate failed
completely to address her mind to the constitutional right of a fair trial to Kafta as her judgement was clouded with emotions which caused her to lean towards meting out punishment and completely ignoring the strict mandatory legal provisions pertaining to legal representation in this case.

Queen Kaftah


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