Viola Nakitende

Producer Baur Revokes Working Contract with Singer Viola Nakitende and Explains Why

Renowned producer Diggy Baur has confirmed parting ways with songstress Viola Nakitende.

Singer Viola Nakitende’s fans have for long been questioning why she hasn’t been in the limelight or released any new music.

Before numerous queries could be attended to, Baur’s recording company, Mwoto Sound formerly known as Sabula Management, took over Viola’s social media handles and the names changed.

On Monday, Baur through his Whatsapp status broke the silence, when he issued a notice revealing how he had revoked his contract with Viola Nakitende.

Producer Baur, Viola Nakitende

The notice explained that although the industry evolves every now and then, Viola Nakitende was unable to adhere to the management’s strict timetable and was thus allowed to go independent and explore her artistic potential.

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In addition, Mwoto Sound is hoping to unveil a new talent under their management to take Viola Nakitende’s position.


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