Producer Didi

Producer Didi Rushed to the Hospital, Sickness Revealed

Celebrated producer Abdul Karim Muchwa alias Didi is currently bedridden as he battles health complications.

A couple of weeks back producer Didi appeared in multiple interviews pleading for financial aid from well-wishers.

This saw King Saha chip in, revealing that he was in arrangements to see that he helps one of his mentors and longstanding friends. However, reports on our desk indicate that producer Didi is not in the best of health.

On Friday of this week, social media was rife with rumours that producer Didi had been rushed to the hospital in a precarious medical condition.

Didi acknowledge being ill during a phone conversation with Exclusive Bizz and noted that he is battling pressure and ulcers.

Producer Didi

He notified us that the ailment saw him rushed to Mentz Hospital along Ggaba Road, where he was attended to and later discharged.

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He insisted, however, that despite recuperating at home, he must return to the hospital for a few more days as his dose is still in effect.


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