Profile: The Humble But Industrious Hon Harriet Komuhimbo Akiiki

The name Harriet Komuhimbo Akiiki is not new to the ears of many women across Uganda.

She’s been christened as their unsung hero. The hero of the down trodden women of Uganda.

She is, in the words of many, the proverbial protagonist in the story of the archetypal Ugandan village woman.

One whose story should be told by the greatest word smiths. And yet, those who have interacted with her on a personal basis attest to her welcoming demeanor.

Through her role as chairperson of the National Women’s Council Kabarole district, Komuhimbo has spearheaded so much positive change for the women in her country.

Courtesy of her affiliation to the NRM, (as one of the most industrious mobilisers the party has ever had,) she has managed to lobby for numerous development milestones for Kabarole.

And yet her work stretched over and above the boarders of her homeland. According to reports from the National Women’s council, Komuhimbo’s work has had impact across the whole of Uganda.

“Harriet is super motivated and cause-focused. She loves a good joke, but is a great professional whose work is detail-oriented. The women at the grass roots of our social cultural systems allude to the facts that she is not just an organized individual, but one who exemplifies professionalism. She has the god-given gift or ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given moment. She is uncelebrated for now. But soon, she will bask in the due adulation,” explained a work mate at the National Women’s Council.

What We Know.Though famed in the eyes of the village women, Harriet prefers to keep a low profile. Attempts by media houses to interview her have been futile. She, according to reports, sites a busy schedule.

But those close to her say she’s not really the type for spotlights. “She likes to keep a low profile everywhere she goes. That is what has made her successful in her history of successful campaign management and political consulting. She has great leadership qualities and the ability to work with individuals from varying backgrounds,” explained a former work mate.

Sources also intimate that Komuhimbo is single. And that she has mobilized votes for the president of the country, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from 2011 until date. She has held a number of positions in women led enterprises, private organizations and government agencies.

On top of being the Chairperson National Women’s Council Kabarole, (and a member of the same council,) Komuhimbo She is also the current Vice Chairperson NRM Entreprenuers League.

She is the current director of Haki-1 Limited, and the former secretary for Female Youth Affairs. She has also held numerous posts during her tenure as an NRM mobiliser.


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