Rabadaba And Wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi’s Relationship Ends In Tears

Reports on our news desk indicate that singer Rabadaba and his wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi are not on good speaking terms.

On 11th June 2021, Nalongo Maggie Salha introduced Rabadaba to her parents in Butamba- Katabi.

A few months into their marriage, Rabadaba relocated to London, where he joined Maggie and was obliged to find a job and start working.

However, based on the voice notes and screenshots cited by this website, Rabadaba acted the contrary on stepping into the queen’s land something that left Maggie with a sour taste in her mouth.

Rabadaba, Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi

In the voice note making rounds on social media, Maggie accuses Rabadaba of disrespecting his mother-in-law and that the singer has spent almost three months without talking to her.

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She further notes that according to Rabadaba’s behaviours, he wasn’t in love with her noting that the singer had his concealed motives.

It is at this point that Maggie disclosed that she ponders divorcing Rabadaba since the singer is not willing to have a round table discussion to iron out their indifference.

Have a listen to the voice note below.


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