Radio 4’s DJ Janny P Takes on The Role of Managing AiméDoh

Radio 4’s DJ Janny P will now take on the role of managing AiméDoh, a singer-songwriter with a unique poetic style that reflects his African heritage.

AiméDoh’s music is a beautiful blend of influences from the various countries he has travelled to. Starting from a young age, AiméDoh honed his singing skills in different choirs, beginning in his hometown of Mukwidja and expanding to Goma, Nairobi, and eventually the Jubilate choir in Brussels.

With the support of his friends in the neighbourhood, he also learned to play the guitar and took piano lessons in Nairobi.

His musical journey continued at the Molenbeek Music Academy, where he studied guitar and flute. AiméDoh’s passion for singing led him to join several music groups, providing him with valuable stage experience.

After being part of Chic Élégance in Goma, Nice Guys in Nairobi, and Unisson Music in Belgium, AiméDoh decided to pursue a solo career.

He started recording his own compositions, creating five music videos, and released a four-track EP titled “Jambo” in 2021.

In early 2023, AiméDoh released his first full-length album, “Ubuntu,” which explores the philosophy of interconnectedness and the importance of community.


The album showcases AiméDoh’s artistic growth and solidifies his musical identity. To further challenge and expand his musical horizons, AiméDoh collaborated with the renowned Kidum on the Pole project.

This collaboration aims to introduce a new sound to Africa and uncover the vast array of African musical styles.

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AiméDoh’s music carries a heartfelt and socially conscious message, resonating with anyone who values justice, fairness, solidarity, and unity.

He aspires to move, connect, and inspire through his music, bridging the gap between generations and creating a universal musical experience.


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