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Ragga Dee Reveals a Comprehensive List of Artists Whose Music Careers He Nurtured

During his appearance on the NBS After5 show, Ragga Dee unveiled the roster of musicians he had mentored.

In his comprehensive list, he commenced with Irene Namubiru, whom he stumbled upon singing a birthday song and subsequently enlisted her into his band, the Homies.

Upon realising that she wouldn’t flourish under the Homies, he linked her with Juliana Kanoymozi, resulting in the formation of the iconic, IJ.

Furthermore, Ragga Dee recounted his encounter with Jose Chameleone, who had been struggling to establish himself in the Ugandan music industry without much success.

Recognizing Chameleone’s potential, Ragga Dee took it upon himself to promote his music, ultimately propelling him to become one of the most prominent musicians in East Africa.

Moreover, Ragga Dee divulged an intriguing anecdote about his performance at Bebe Cool’s school, where he discovered the raw talent of the then Bebe Banton.

Collaborating with Mese, they embarked on recording Bebe Banton’s debut project, marking the inception of his musical journey.

Ragga Dee during an interview

Additionally, at the tender age of 14, Ragga Dee encountered Pia Pounds while she was serenading with a birthday song. Impressed by her talent, he recorded a few of her songs before she joined Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent music camp.

Ragga Dee further proudly acknowledged his role in nurturing Azawi’s career, before entrusting her to the capable hands of Swangz Avenue‘s Viboyo.

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As evident by her current success, Ragga Dee’s guidance played a pivotal role in shaping Azawi’s flourishing musical trajectory.


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