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Ray G Attributes Reconciliation With Azawi to Eddy Kenzo’s Efforts

Ray G attributes his reconciliation with Azawi to the efforts of the Uganda Musicians Federation President Eddy Kenzo. The two singers had been in a dispute for a few weeks over a performance order at an event in Mbarara.

The dispute between the two singers arose when they disagreed over the performance order at an event in Mbarara, causing tension between them for a few weeks. However, thanks to Kenzo’s intervention, the situation was resolved amicably.

Recognizing the need for a fair resolution, Kenzo took it upon himself to investigate the matter. He reached out to both Ray G and Azawi, urging them to put their differences aside and find common ground.

Through his mediation skills and influence in the music industry, Kenzo successfully facilitated their reconciliation.

Yesterday, Ray G and Azawi met face-to-face and were able to resolve their misunderstandings in a friendly manner. This positive outcome was a result of Kenzo’s efforts, and Ray G expressed his gratitude towards him during an interview this morning.

Azawi and Ray G

Ray G made it clear that his issue was not with Azawi personally, but rather with the flawed system of the music industry. He believed that the dispute could have been avoided if there had been better protocols in place for event organization and artist management. Despite his frustrations, Ray G acknowledged that Azawi was not to blame for the situation.

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However, Ray G did criticize Azawi’s social media handler for mishandling the situation by issuing an unnecessary statement.

He believed that this statement only escalated the tension between them and further complicated the matter.


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