Raymond Bindeeba, Precious Remmie

Raymond Bindeeba Emerges from His Slumber State, Remarks on Break Up with Precious Remmie

Precious Remmie’s husband Raymond Bindeeba has quashed breakup rumors with actress and TV presenter Precious Remmie.

Since the start of this week, rumors have been making rounds suggesting that Precious Remmie and Bindeeba’s marriage hit a dead end.

According to rumors, Raymond Bindeeba is currently battling diabetes and dumped Remmie before returning to his ex-lover who is currently taking good care of him.

In a post that was seemingly addressing the hearsay, Remmie through her socials revealed that in a world full of hate, she is ready to reciprocate love, before flaunting her engagement ring.

Precious Remmie

In the same vein, Raymond Bindeeba emerged from his state of slumber and convinced Remmy of his affection through his Instagram account quashing prior breakup rumors.

It’s you I love and it’s you I will forever love because in you I meant a friend,a sister and a lover.I love u my beautiful wife

His post, however, has generated divergent reactions among netizens, with some claiming it is Precious Remmie running the account.

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Others, on the other hand, are relieved of the pressure and pleased that, in contrast to earlier allegations, the couple’s relationship is flourishing.


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