Record Elah Butida

Record Elah Butida Fights With Videographer Zyga Phix Over Delayed Music Video

Singer Record Elah real name  Makumbi Ashraf fought with renowned video director Zyga Phix of Virtual Media over taking too long to produce his music video.

For a while, Record Elah Butida has been off the musical radar. However, the singer’s name is making rounds on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Exclusive Bizz had access to a video clip in which singer Record Ellah and video director Zyga Phix embroil in a physical altercation.

According to Record Ellah, he asserted that he paid Zyga Phix Ugx 7M to shoot the video for his forthcoming gospel music project dubbed ‘Towanika.’

To his dismay, after Zyga pocketed the money, he became reluctant to finalize his video project and when the two crossed paths recently, they had no kind words for each other.

Record Elah Butida

Midway through the disagreement, Record Elah pulled out his phone to live stream everything via a live social media broadcast, something Zyga disagreed with citing he has a brand to protect.

When Record Ellah insisted on recording Zyga, the latter smacked the former’s phone, ensuing a physical altercation between the two which called for the onlookers’ intervention to bring the situation back to normal.

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Record Ellah maintained that he wants Zyga Phix to produce his music video, if not he should cough his Ugx 7m. The singer went on to mention that this is not the first time the videographer is playing such games, as he did the same after shooting his song “Ebisolo.”


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