Record Ellah Butida

Record Ellah Butida Falls Out with Mother Over Vulgarity and Disrespect

Singer Record Ellah Butida of “Bakabasajja Banyuma” fame is on the spot over disrespecting his mother and vulgarity.

The discord between Butida and his mother stems from the former taking to social media claiming that one of his brothers had slept with his baby mama.

Upon his mother crossing paths with the allegations, she was left with a sour taste in her mouth, and wondering why Butida brought private family affairs into the public domain.

The enraged mother stated that Butida ditched his newborn and baby mama at her house, neglecting his fatherly duties.

Record Elah Butida

She noted that as if that wasn’t enough, Record Ellah Butida resorted to drug abuse, before treating her disrespectfully whenever he paid a visit.

She added that despite being a born-again Christian, Butida’s inappropriate behavior and vulgarity had damaged her reputation in the neighborhood.

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Furthermore, Record Ellah Butida’s mother stated that she is not prepared to continue being his mother unless the singer quits abusing drugs.


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