Red Banton, Jose Chameleone

Red Banton Prohibits Jose Chameleone From Attending His Burial In The Event Of His Passing

Singer Red Banton has caused a stir with his recent statement prohibiting fellow artist Jose Chameleone from attending his burial.

Taking to Facebook, Red Banton expressed his frustration with Chameleone and made it clear that he does not want him present at his funeral in the event of his passing.

In his post, Red Banton reminded Chameleone that he was the one who introduced him to the public, highlighting their shared history and the role he played in Chameleone’s rise to fame.

Banton emphasized that if Chameleone forgets this fact, the truth is known by the public, suggesting that there may be underlying issues between the two artists.

While the specific reason behind Banton’s decision remains unknown, he has promised to shed light on the matter during a press conference scheduled to take place in two days.

Red Banton

This announcement has left fans and industry insiders eagerly awaiting further clarification from the singer.

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As the story continues to develop, we will make sure to keep you updated on any new details that emerge.


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