Rema Namkula, Dr, Hamzah Ssebunya, Aaliyah Ssebunya, Aamaal Musuuza

Rema Namakula Celebrates Daughter Aaliyah Ssebunya’s 2nd Birthday With Beautiful Family Shoot | PHOTOS

Singer Rema Namakula and Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya one of the most cherished Ugandan couples are celebrating their daughter Aaliyah’s second birthday.

The couple decided to commemorate this special occasion by capturing stunning family photos that beautifully encapsulate the love and joy they share as a family.

In her online updates, Rema Namakula poured her heart out as she described her daughter as a heavenly being who brings immense happiness to her existence.

She expressed her deep gratitude for Aaliyah’s presence in their lives, acknowledging the profound impact she has had on their family’s happiness and unity.

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