Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Rema Namakula

Rema Namakula’s Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya | PHOTOS

On January 24, annually, the renowned singer Rema Namakula’s husband, Dr Hamza Ssebunya, celebrates his birthday.

This couple continues to serve as an inspiration for many other couples in the country due to the deep affection and love they share.

As has been the tradition in previous years, Rema Namakula has taken to her social media platforms to express her heartfelt birthday wishes for her husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya.

In her message, Rema affectionately declares that Hamza Ssebunya fills her heart with love, acknowledging him as the best father and husband she has ever encountered.

Rema Namakula, Dr Hamza Ssebunya

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My papi you are a good man and everyone that has met you can testify that you are a nice human being. Awwww my heart is truly at home…How did I get this lucky….Stay this way papi.
A constant anchor of trust, comfort and support…Turning each day into an adventure. May this year bring more exciting possibilities.
LOVE YOU BABY Happy birthday.


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