Rena Nalumansi

Rena Nalumansi Survives A Deadly Car Accident

This week has left many Ugandans broken-hearted after losing their loved ones in numerous road accidents.

In the creative arts, the most recent victims of this trauma are singers David Lutalo and Rena Nalumansi.

On Thursday Morning, Rena Nalumansi survived a terrible car accident on the Northern Bypass that involved her car and a heavy goods truck.

The accident was caused by the truck that knocked the singer’s car from behind, the resultant force pivoting it several times before ramming into the road Metal Safety Barriers.

Rena Nalumansi

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The car was badly wrecked in the front, and it was by God’s grace that the singer survived to meet her family again.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital for further medical inspection after sustaining several injuries on the leg, chest and neck.

Rena Nalumansi’s car accident was confirmed to Exclusive. Bizz by her husband who doubles as her manager Justin Bas Superkiraka.

The singer thanked her family, friends, and fans who turned up at time when she needed them the most.

I didn’t think I would take another breath… Thank you, God, for yet another chance to live and sing for my people… Thanks, family, friends, and fans for the help earlier today morning when I needed you most…

Rena Nalumansi


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