Fik Fameica

Revelers destroy property in Kigumba after Fik Fameica’s no-show at an event

Following the Fik Fameica Extra Concert in Kigumba at Sevemore Hotel on 4th May 2024, revelers resorted to vandalizing property after the rapper failed to make an appearance.

Fik Fameica failed to appear for two shows in Masindi and Kigumba, even though he had received a partial deposit of Ugx 6m out of the agreed Ugx 12M.

Despite the efforts of other performers like Fik Gaza and Jovi Kayla to salvage the event, the absence of Fik Fameica left a sour taste in the mouths of attendees.

According to the event organizers, Fik Fameica was unreachable as he switched off his known phones and did not perform at the event.

Fik’s excuse of being in an accident did little to appease the disappointed event organizers who had invested time and money into the concert.

Fik Fameica

The organizer, in particular, was adamant about seeking justice and compensation for the damages caused by the rapper’s no-show.

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The organizer filed a police case at the K’dongo police station and has vowed to drag the rapper to court demanding Ugx 50m compensation for the damages caused.


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