GOSSIPRevellers Pelt Winnie Nwagi With Bottles After Striking a Fan Who Touched...

Revellers Pelt Winnie Nwagi With Bottles After Striking a Fan Who Touched Her | VIDEO

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi was over the weekend pelted with flying objects midway through her performance in Masindi.

Winnie Nwagi had to taste her medicine over the weekend after partygoers became boisterous and pelted her with bottles after striking a fan who inappropriately touched her.

For the past years, Winnie Nwagi has been reacting violently towards revellers that touch her inappropriately during her performances.

The songbird used violent measures to reprimand a reveller in Masindi who had touched her thighs severally something she has always objected to.

In a video clip making rounds on social media, Winnie Nwagi is seen striking a partygoer’s hand with a microphone who had reached out to touch her thighs.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie asked the DJ to halt playing music and admonished the charged partiers not to touch her inappropriately because she is a musician, not a prostitute.

Her comments seemed to upset the partygoers, who became boisterous and started throwing bottles at her.

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Winnie Nwagi couldn’t take the disrespect and dropped the microphone to the ground before furiously leaving the venue.

Watch the video below;


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  1. Wine niwagi was correct to fight that guy because being a musician doesn’t mean that she is reliable for bad touches, she is a lady of diginity


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